Agreement with MrINTER.NET
and (you) ___________________________________

MrINTER.NET Telecomputing Resources
1007 Sepulveda Blvd., P.O.Box 242
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266-0242
Voice  310-320-2226

Internet (Modem) 310-727-1377
FAX 310-542-4737 (call before)

Dear Internet Client:

Thank you for your interest in having MrINTER.NET Telecomputing Resources 
provide you with dial-up Internet Access Service. We strive to provide the 
best service and technical support available at reasonable prices and hope 
we can serve you.

Enclosed you will find copies of our description of services with rates and our service agreement. Please fill out, 
sign, and return the service agreement 
to us along with a check, for one year access plus your one time sign-up 
fee (as stated below under type of service), made out to MrINTER.NET.

 John W. Yount/Kraus

P.S. From time to time, we will be offering seminars explaining how 
to use the Internet. If you are interested, please send us a note saying 
that you wish to be on our seminar list.


       MrINTER.NET Service Schedule

Our supported rate plans are:

1. PPP Dial-Up  Account
       A Regular Menu or Shell Account Includes:       
    * Local dial-in with data rates up to 115kbs supported (33.6kbs send)
    * Unlimited E-mail use, monthly clearing from our server!
    * Access to thousands of USENET newsgroups (via +
    * Shell access or easy to use menus
    * All Internet services (FTP and telnet, only to knowing users), gopher, etc.
    * Multi-User games (MUDS) and chat forums (IRC)
    * Off-line mail/news readers.
    * Disk storage space of 1.4 MB, 2.8MB .hxp (10 MB peak with special agreement)
        $150.00 sign-up FEE (check out price list)included in one year contract
        $240.00 for FULL first year, paid in advanced. 
                Includes set-up fee's and use for 13 month, 
                include 720 hours/month of FREE use.
        $220.00 for full prepaid second year, same conditions 
        $200.00 for full prepaid third year, same conditions 
                (IMPORTANT: We have NOT monthly payment accounts)

2.  SLIP Account (only on special requests)
    Allows you to become your own Internet site. (possible w/ PPP only)
    Needed to run most Windows Internet Software (such as NCSA Mosaic).
    Special  software is needed for a SLIP connection,
    which we will provide on start-up.
        $150.00 sign-up FEE
        $ 50.00 per month includes first 50 hours, paid in advance ($ 500 year)
        $  1.50 per additional hour thereafter 

3.  UUCP or MX Account
     * Your own custom E-mail post office and news feed
     * Local dial-in with data rates up to 56kbs supported
     * Free domain transaction for your site:
     * Internet domain registration, only $375.00 (additional)
     * Full or partial newsfeeds 
     * Polled or dial-on-demand mail delivery (forward mail)
     * Benefit of being one hop further from the Internet
         $175.00 sign-up FEE
         $ 75.00 per month includes first 50 hours, paid in advance ($ 600 year)
         $  1.50 per additional hour thereafter 

     * Your own dedicated 256kbs DSL (new-faster than ISDN) Dial-up line
     * Unlimited Internet access
     * Unlimited E-Mail
     * Unlimited News Group ability
     * Unlimited IRC
     * Unlimited FTP
     * PPP Dial-Up (also slip available) via network GTE or PacBell
     * 50MB of hard disk space
        $1,000 a year, plus $600 one time sign-up fee
        Call for additional 56k (special) or 115k (ISDN) modem access - pricing.
If User's Average monthly disk space exceeds 5 MB in a given month, 
the user will be notified via E-Mail and given the opportunity to receive 
an additional 5 MB a month for $1.00 a month extra. If the customer 
continues to exceed his monthly limit, he/she will be charged $1.00 for 
each MB that there monthly average exceeds 5 MB.

There will also be a $5.00 a month charge for customers requiring 
a monthly printed statement. 

WARNING: some material on the Internet is not suitable for 

There will be a $10.00 service charge on all returned checks.

Consult your account representative for more information, or write:

MrINTER.NET Telecomputing Resources  
(VOICE) 310-320-2226 or FAX 310-542-4737 

Checks payable to:  MrINTER.NET
Mailing Address:    17507 Roslin Ave.      
                    TORRANCE,  CA 90504


MrINTER.NET Telecomputing Resources Service Agreement

MrINTER.NET Telecomputing Resources (MrINTER.NET) agrees to provide 
and user agrees to receive access to MrINTER.NET. PPP Dial-up service 
according to the following terms and conditions:

1.  All provisions of this Agreement apply to the User's Principal Account 
    and Associate Accounts billed to the Principal Account.

2.  The benefits of or rights conferred by this Agreement are nontransferable. 
    Use of MrINTER.NET accounts is expressly limited to the individual whose 
    name appears on the account. (user name)

3.  User agrees to use the service in a manner consistent with any and all 
    applicable laws. (public newspaper laws)

4.  User agrees to follow the rules of any network user accesses.

5.  If user is less than 21 years of age, (we won't take it) Agreement must be 
    signed by a parent or legal guardian, who is responsible for all charges 
    related to use of Users account(s)

6.  User is responsible for all use of User's account(s) and confidentiality of 
    password(s). MrINTER.NET will suspend access 
    or change access to Users account(s) immediately upon notification 
    by User that password has been lost, stolen or otherwise compromised.

7.  User is responsible for all local or long-distance telephone charges for 
    connecting to MrINTER.NET (very important - check local calls list)

8.  User agrees to pay MrINTER.NET all charges relating to the use of User's 
    account(s) according to rates and prices published on-line at the time 
    service is used. On-line rates and prices are incorporated into this 
    agreement by reference. User is also responsible for monthly storage 
    charges as described in USER RATES.

9.  Access is subject to credit limits established by the issuer of User's 
    credit card and by MrINTER.NET. A credit limit is applied to all accounts. 
    User's access to service is suspended if User exceeds his/her credit limit 
    unless prior arrangements have been made with MrINTER.NET.

10.a MrINTER.NET reserves the right to charge a monthly billing charge 
     to all Users to whom an invoice must be sent. If not responded to 
     an invoice, not paid on time, YOU have to pay a FEE each late 
     month of $ 5.00 (ONE(each) unpaid invoice cost $5.00!). 
     Or in plain English THE LATE FEE IS $ 5.00 each month!

10.b Yearly payments ($ 240/220/200) is NOT  refundable.

10.c MrINTER.NET reserves the right to suspend access to service for 
     Users account(s) upon an indication of any damage made from other users
     or i.e. earthquake. 

10.d Every contract is for the time of ONE year. 
     No matter of service connecting time. USED OR NOT.

11. User is responsible for charges at the time service is used. 
    (active on MrINTER.NET server). The connection is maybe refused after 1 
    (7)day late payment. (technical - YOUR password are changed - call John   
    310-320-2226 for reconnecting). Reconnecting FEE is $ 60 ! (prepaid)

11.a If the user have a problem or connect five times with NOT success, our
     security program change automaticly his password. The connection is 
     maybe refused after 5 not received e-mails or hang-up's - 
     Please call John 310-320-2226 for reconnecting, 10:00am-4:00am).

12. MrINTER.NET reserves the right to change prices on 30 days notice 
    published On-line. Check out price and reload page!

13. MrINTER.NET reserves the right to suspend access to service for 
    Users account(s) upon an indication of credit problems including 
    delinquent payments, returned checks or rejection of any credit 
    card charges. (one (7) day later). (See also #11.)

14. The MrINTER.NET service is provided on an "as is","as available" basis. 
    No warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to those 
    of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are made with
    respect to MrINTER.NET or any information or software therein.


15. Nether MrINTER.NET nor its information providers are responsible for 
    any damages arising from User's use of MrINTER.NET or by his inability 
    to use MrINTER.NET Dial-up service.

16. MrINTER.NET reserves the right to change without notice the 
    MrINTER.NET service, including, but not limited to, access procedures, 
    hours of operation, menu structures, commands, documentation, 
    and services offered. 

17. MrINTER.NET is not responsible for User's personal files residing 
    on MrINTER.NET. User is responsible for independent backup of his/her 
    data stored on MrINTER.NET .

18. MrINTER.NET reserves the right to delete User's personal files after one 
    or both parties terminates agreement. 
    (we give you one week to back up your files)

19. MrINTER.NET reserves the right in its sole discretion to delete any 
    information entered into MrINTER.NET by User. MrINTER.NET and its 
    authorized representatives shall have the right, but shall not be 
    obligated, to edit publicly view able information.
    (Special words as used on streets or prohibited on TV or public places)
    With out NO exceptions: politic or words, any publication prohibited on TV.

20. User hereby agrees that any material submitted for publication on 
    MrINTER.NET through user's account(s) does not violate or infringe any 
    copyright, trademark, patent, statutory, common law or proprietary 
    rights of others, or contain anything obscene or libelous. 
    (special new law from Mr.Clinton)

21. MrINTER.NET at its sole business judgment, may terminate this 
    membership agreement immediately or suspend User's access to the 
    service upon any breach of this membership agreement by user, 
    including but not limited to, refusal to pay for services provided.

22. MrINTER.NET reserves the right to terminate access to service for any 
    User account which has been inactive for 2 months. 
    (counter proof) Paid or not! Reactivate set-up fee of $ 60.

22.a MrINTER.NET charge for reactivate a account, a set-up fee of $ 60.
22.b MrINTER.NET charge for establish a users computer back to the INTERNET,
     a set-up fee of $ 60 each time. Please don't play around.
     After loading AmericaOnline 4 or 5.1 on your system, our software in distroyed
     and NOT more working. For reset your computer system to MrINTER.NET
     is a set-up FEE of $ 120 each time due (prepaid).
23.c MrINTER.NET allow ONLY one CPU or computer 
     for each user access account. 
     In english: One Internet account - for each computer!
     For additional computers in your office or home, you'll need a
     new or different internet account! The cost for a second internet account
     is half the price of the prepaid first account!
     i.e. you paid $ 240 for the first year access, therefore you pay only $ 120
     for the second computer's internet account.

23. Use of distribution list in electronic mail or other mass electronic 
    mailings is subject to approval of MrINTER.NET 
    (100 mails on our server is limited), max 2MB, no picture storage.
    We prefer not to use attachments. Send the URL to download a page.
    Stored Mail is deleted after one month. Except on request different.

24. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of California.

25. MrINTER.NET may modify these terms and conditions upon notice 
    published On-line via MrINTER.NET User's use of MrINTER.NET after 
    such notice shall constitute Users acceptance of the modifications 
    to this agreement. Check this page/site monthly. Reload for up-date.

26. If any one or more paragraphs in this Agreement is found to be 
    unenforceable or invalid, User's and MrINTER.NET agreement on all other 
    paragraphs shall remain valid.

27. MrINTER.NET reserves the right to immediately discontinue access to 
    any user whose actions constitute a threat to the security of 
    MrINTER.NET or its affiliates. 

Service Desired _________________ PPP _______________ SLIP _______

Assigned User Name ______________________ ________________________


Account Holder (or Company's) Name: ______________________________

Club Membership#	___________  (Must be completed to obtain access)

If Company, Name of Contact Person: ______________________________

Billing Address: _________________________________________________

Phone number Work: _________________      Home: __________________ 

Signature of account holder or agent (*)__________________________

(*) If Account holder is under 21 years of age, the signature of a parent or 
guardian is required. Signer agrees to be responsible for all charges and 
activities of minor account holder.

Send via E-mail 
or FAX 310-542-4737 and
Print copy for your own proof


12/01/99, John