Download PAGE for the BEST browser there is: NETSCAPE.
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BEST download time is between 11:00pm and 4:00am (<45min)

Standard Netscape 3.03 - Win95 - best solution "fast download & small memory"

Navigator 3.02 - MAC 68k Best and fast Browser for older MAC's

Navigator 3.02 - MAC/PPC Speed version for PPC, including E-mail

Communicator 4.02 - Win95/98 This BETA version is ready to GO! Nice features . . .

Communicator 4.01 - MAC/68K Good looking, BUT -s-l-o-w- (min. 40MB RAM!)

Communicator 4.01 - MAC/PPC Perfect for MAC's, everthing - sound & video

Master download site @ NETSCAPE I
Master download site @ NETSCAPE II

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